Welcome to Python Northwest

Are you a Python developer or enthusiast? Are you based in or passing through the North-West of England? If so, then Python Northwest is for you!

Python Northwest is a Python user group for Pythoneers and Pythonistas of all levels and ages. We meet at 7pm on the third Thursday of the month at TechHub Manchester, and each month we alternate between talks sessions and coding sessions.

This month!

For our meetup on Thursday 19th June, we're hosting 3 talks:

  • Sam Headleand will be talking about her experiences learning Python as a beginner to programming

  • Safe Hammad will be teaching us all about lists in Python, from basic usage to tricky caveats

  • David Dumenil will be giving a talk about Machine Learning in Python

/!\ Please note that we are now at TechHub (at its new location on Lever Street), and not MadLab!

The dates of our other upcoming meetings are listed here:

There are also several other ways to stay informed about the group:

icon-calendar.png iCalendar feed - subscribe to our calendar feed for upcoming meeting times
icon-mail.png Mailing list - check out the latest dicussions on Google Groups
icon-twitter.png @PythonNW - follow our twitter feed for news and other updates
icon-lanyrd.png Lanyrd Series - get notified of upcoming meetups on Lanyrd.com
icon-irc.png #pythonnw - join our IRC chatroom on freenode.org
icon-notes.png Meeting Notes - find out what we got up to at previous meetings

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